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“The project overall is a huge success in so many respects, and Biggs Cardosa's participation was a significant part of that success. The solution was phenomenal from a cost-benefit perspective. Staging was so well done that construction didn't affect traffic volumes. It’s amazing the amount of benefit we got from such a practical solution.”

—Mark Robinson, Director of Design and Construction, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

"Tustin/Rose opened up to public traffic recently, and it has been very well received by the community. There’s been nothing but positive feedback. Throughout the project, Biggs Cardosa has been very responsive to us and quick to provide information. They understood the interests and perspectives of all the local agencies involved, and they were able to help resolve issues and questions to everyone’s satisfaction. BCA was very responsive, which was particularly important in resolving issues with commercial property owners to minimize contractor delays."

– Rose Casey, Director, Highway Programs at OCTA

"People in the community tell me, “What a beautiful structure, how great it looks during the day and night.” It has been very, very well received by bicyclists and pedestrians and even those who simply drive underneath it. Everybody that I have talked to loves the CMFC."

– Hamid Shamsapour, P.E., President, Shamsapour Consulting Group

“This was a really creative solution for the trains and the automobile traffic. Biggs Cardosa helped us show the City Council and the public that this was the best solution, and that it was in the best interest of everybody to close the road and build the bridge under live tracks. They cut 15 months off the project and saved millions of dollars. This teamwork was the reason that this project came in on time and on budget. Now everybody’s happy.”

—David Gonzalves, Development Services Director, City of Merced

“Biggs Cardosa was very well organized, and I was very impressed, especially during construction, when the design on record worked very well. Biggs Cardosa’s solutions met our goals, and they were successful in completing the project under budget and on schedule. I was very impressed with the clarity of their explanations of the different options, and they were very timely responding to RFIs from the contractor. It was a very cohesive team: the client/owner, the contractor, the designer. The project has been received very well by the public.”

—Ven Prasad, Engineering Group Manager, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority