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Biggs Cardosa’s Projects Receive Notable Awards
2020 ACEC GOLDEN STATE AWARD for Engineering Excellence -  Plaza Bridge at Marine Way, Irvine, CA

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Mount Vernon Viaduct Replacement, San Bernardino

Biggs Cardosa was recently awarded the Project and Construction Management (PCM) Contract for the replacement of the Mt Vernon Viaduct for San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA). It is a $15.9 million contract, the largest contract in Biggs Cardosa’s company’s history.

The Mt Vernon Viaduct is a 1000-foot long viaduct over the BNSF San Bernardino intermodal yard.  The bridge’s condition has severely deteriorated to the point that some of the spans had to be supported by temporary shoring. The bridge’s sufficiency rating was recently as low as 2 (out of 100).  Replacing the bridge will be extremely challenging because the intermodal yard is a perpetual motion machine, with over 100 trains per day, and thousands of trucks loading and unloading trains 24/7. The bridge spans over 20 railroad tracks, including 5 passenger rail tracks servicing the San Bernardino Station (three Metrolink train lines, plus Amtrak), 3 transcontinental freight tracks out of the LA/Long Beach Ports complex, 6 storage tracks and 6 intermodal yard tracks.

For this project, Biggs Cardosa will be the PCM for SBCTA and will prepare the Design-Build bridging documents, manage the procurement of the Design-Builder, and manage the Design and the Construction of the project.



McKinley Grade Separation, Corona

Biggs Cardosa was awarded a $9.8M contract for the design of McKinley Grade Separation. Biggs Cardosa proposed a network tied arch bridge because it was the perfect engineering solution for this site and solved most of the challenges.  The aesthetics is a side benefit.  A conventional bridge would have required the relocation of an 80-foot wide rectangular flood control channel in order to fit an intermediate bent, and it simply could not be constructed without closing the busiest arterial in the City for months.  Staging the construction would have required two rainy seasons and would have left the City exposed to flooding due to a partially constructed channel relocation.  The clear span also reduced the profile, which allowed us to provide access to properties that otherwise would have needed to be acquired.  Most excitingly, the bridge will be constructed on an adjacent empty property and moved into place in one piece over a weekend using Self-Propelled Modular Transports (SPMTs), the same system Biggs Cardosa previously used to move the Montgomery Hotel in San Jose.  Moving this 1,500-ton bridge into place with SPMTs will be another “first” for Biggs Cardosa and California.