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Gerald Desmond Bridge


Gerald Desmond Bridge

The Gerald Desmond Bridge is a vital link in the nation's trade system and a major commuter corridor, but the bridge, built in the 1960’s, was not designed to handle today's heavier trucks and increased traffic volumes which has caused the bridge to deteriorate.  The new bridge will ensure the safety of commuters and protect Southern California's important role as a major trading hub. The bridge will be built with a cable-stayed design and will be high enough to accommodate the newest generation of the most efficient cargo ships. In addition, the bridge will be wider and better able to accommodate existing and future traffic volumes. Biggs Cardosa's, in association with Arup, provided design and independent check of the “low level” approaches and retaining walls (MSE and cast-in-place) and the independent check of the “high level” approaches. Biggs Cardosa was also the lead structural specifications writer for the team. Due to our expertise in seismic design of bridges in California, we also provided seismic design leadership to the project team.

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