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Structural Engineering
Recognized as a leader in structural engineering, Biggs Cardosa incorporates state-of-the-art computer capabilities for analysis, design and drafting. Our quality assurance program ensures that high quality contract documents are delivered for each project.  Our knowledge of a wide variety of structure types and construction materials always provides the client with a cost-effective and high-quality structural solution.

Project Management
Biggs Cardosa often acts as the prime consultant in managing large and complex projects that require the interaction of various design disciplines. Our strong project manager system and strict quality control guidelines result in timely and well-organized contract document packages. The project manager provides a convenient and reliable single contact point for all communication between the client and the design team.

Construction Management
Biggs Cardosa offers Construction Management (CM) Services for bridge construction and other types of projects. Our experience includes all aspects of the project and construction oversight, including bridge inspections per the Caltrans Construction Records and Procedures Manual, Materials Inspection, Sampling and Testing by certified ACI, ICC and AWS Inspectors/Engineers, Constructibility Reviews/Value Engineering during the project’s design phase. Our CM services include submittal, RFI, and CCO processing, claims review, labor compliance, contractor payment processing and schedule analysis, as well as permit monitoring, structural observation and inspection. A complete array of pre-construction, construction management and inspections, and post-construction services are performed by our resident engineers, structural representatives, and construction inspectors.

Inspection Services
Biggs Cardosa offers special inspection services by ICC-certified inspectors for a variety of building projects. Our inspectors offer a higher level of professionalism than is found in the industry, as most have an engineering background, and many are registered professional engineers. For projects that we design, combining our usual construction support with inspection services benefits the client with cost savings associated with one firm handling both requirements. 

Value Engineering
The extensive and industry-recognized experience of Biggs Cardosa's principals and project managers puts the firm in an ideal position to provide value engineering services to public agencies, owners and contractors.  With minimal expense, we can make recommendations for improvement to third-party-designed projects, often substantially reducing the project's cost and construction time.