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South Bayfront Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge

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South Bayfront Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge

The South Bayfront Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge is a tied arch bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad yard and two mainline railroad tracks in the City of Emeryville. The $21M bridge project includes the 230-foot-long signature Main Bridge and other structures which enhance connectivity on the east and west sides of the railroad corridor. The city has long been bisected by the UPPR tracks, limiting east to west connectivity within the city. The new ADA-compliant bridge provides pedestrians and bicyclists a safe connection, linking the east and west sides of the city over the railroad tracks. The signature feature of the project - the main arch span - consists of an S-curved single span across the railroad tracks, supported at its ends by concrete bents. The unique combination of S-curved deck and asymmetrical single tied-arch creates a striking image while resolving complex site conditions. The arch span is supported by a single straight bowstring truss/arch that extends diagonally across the deck; the top chord/arch rib is a pair of steel tubes, the bottom chord/tension tie is within the deck framing, and the cable diagonals/suspenders support the deck edges.



Emeryville, CA


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